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Jack Montague

516.456.4640 or email Jack Montague

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Fantasy Football

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Jorge Gonzalez

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Kings Game

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Burger Booth

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chef de cuisine

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Golf Tournament

golf commissioners

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Mike Malik

Shih, Alan

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Board Member At Large

Tim Byrne


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Communication Director & USC TAILGAGE

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2022/203 Board

President- Jack Montague    

Vice President- Johnny Traboulsi

Treasurer- John Doyle    

Member at Large- Tim Byrne

Communications/ USC Game- Jody Mulkey  

MC- Josh Rebholz

Burger Booth- Marc Caruso

Sports & Activities Chair- Mike Clements/ Bill Bahen

Golf Tournament- Alan Shih/ Mike Mailk

Kings Game- Matt Case/ Ari Horn

Fantasy Football/March Madness- Jorge Gonzalez

Horse Races- Stuart McClean

Poker Tournament- Ethan Taranta /Greg Brown

Pancake Breakfast- Rob Sarstedt and Stephan MacNab





Grade Liaisons

DK- Mike Smith

Kinder- Eric Kelley

1st- Matt Klein

2nd- Eric Nelson

3rd- BJ Carretta

4th- Kevin Stromsborg

5th- Tony Tsai

6th- Evan Grobecker

7th- Mike Heimbold

8th- open

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